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EZShot 3 Plus

Access Difficult Locations with
Ease and Confidence

EZShot 3 Plus needles enable unparalleled access and control for reliable tissue acquisition. The coil sheath’s rounded distal end supports smooth insertion and can reduce tissue damage. Deep tissue can be punctured at any scope angle, so position adjustments are unnecessary.

Key Benefits

Exceptional Flexibility for Smooth Insertion


Multilayered coil sheath and nitinol needle tip ensure exceptional flexibility for smooth insertion even when the scope is angulated.

No Needle Deformation after Multiple Passes


Nitinol retains its shape without deformation, even after multiple passes. This ensures the needle follows a predictable and consistent trajectory.

Excellent Force Transmission


A coil sheath with multilayered construction facilitates excellent force transmission from the handle to the needle tip for improved ease and confidence.

Smooth Puncture and Side Hole Option


A Menghini-type tip with sharp edges facilitates a smooth puncture, even at an oblique angle. An optional side hole functions as an anchor to collect more tissue within the needle.

Enhanced Visibility under Ultrasound


An echogenic dimple finish on the needle tip enhances ultrasound visibility and ensures precise and confident targeting of fine needle aspiration.

Ergonomic Handle Design


The handle features a smooth action with anti-slip rubber grips, locking knobs, and large chamfered windows to fully support needle operation.

The EZShot 3 Plus EUS-FNA needle provides uncompromised access to the pancreatic head. Its flexible multilayered coil sheath enables smooth insertion and excellent force transmission. The nitinol needle tip is resistant to kinking, ensuring the needle remains straight even after multiple passes. A sharp Menghini-type needle tip supports smooth puncture and effective tissue acquisition. The needle tip also features an enhanced dimple pattern, which provides excellent visibility under ultrasound and an ergonomic handle further enables effortless and confident operation.

Designed for Uncompromised Access
A flexible multilayered coil sheath enables smooth insertion and excellent force transmission for uncompromised access to the pancreatic head. The nitinol tip is resistant to kinking and ensures that the needle is straight even after multiple passes.

Sharp Menghini-Type Needle Tip
The sharp Menghini-type needle tip enables smooth puncture and effective fine needle aspiration. An enhanced dimple pattern provides excellent visibility under ultrasound and the ergonomic handle ensures effortless, confident operation.

Article NameArticle NumberQuantityMinimum Working ChannelWorking LengthMax. Needle LengthNeedle DiameterStylet Tip Shape
N5409330NA-U200H-801952.8 mm1400 mm80 mm19GRound
N5409530NA-U200H-8019S52.8 mm1400 mm80 mm19GRound with side hole
N5409730NA-U200H-802252.8 mm1400 mm80 mm22GRound
N5409930NA-U200H-8022S52.8 mm1400 mm80 mm22GRound with side hole
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    Access Difficult Locations with Ease and Confidence

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