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DIEGO ELITE Multidebrider

Efficiency and choice

The DIEGO ELITE Multidebrider is a first in class, unique system with a range of efficiency optimizing features. It is the world’s only ENT system to offer both monopolar and bipolar energy blades for hemostasis, as well as traditional standard shaver blades. This enables a full array of surgery options using just one device.

Key benefits

Rotatable blades


360° rotation of the cutting window at the distal tip of the blade allows for more efficient tissue dissection for frontal and maxillary cases.

Integrated monopolar and bipolar features


The world’s only ENT system to offer both integrated monopolar and bipolar energy enables cauterization that can also be used during oscillation of the blades.

Declog system


A convenient bulb allows easy de-clogging during the procedure without any extra action on the blades.

Bendable blades with radiofrequency (RF) option


Bendable blades enable exceptional reach and the versatility for a range of surgeries from tonsillectomy to adenoidectomy. The blades are available with RF.

Automatic toggle stop function


A toggle stop enables quick opening or closing of the blade window by pushing on the foot switch, which expedites surgeries and procedural efficiency.

Distal suction blades

Distal suction on the blades enables their use as a suction tube for even more efficiency during procedures.

Navigation system compatibility


With a standard image-guided surgery attachment point, the shaver can be used with either an Optical or EM navigation system, for enhanced accuracy and confidence.

The innovative DIEGO ELITE Multidebrider is the only ENT system offering both monopolar and bipolar options as well as traditional standard blades. Special bendable blades enable unprecedented reach and versatility across a full range of ENT surgeries with a single device. In addition, procedural efficiency is optimized with features such as toggle stop to open or close the blade window quickly, dedicated suction and convenient bulb for easy de-clogging, choice of ergonomic hand pieces suited to physician preference, and a blade ID feature that defaults to recommended settings for each attached blade.

Monopolar and bipolar RF options on your shaver blade

The DIEGO ELITE is the first ENT system to offer both monopolar and bipolar energy blades for hemostasis, as well as traditional standard shaver blades. This provides specialists with a full range of surgery options using just one device.

Reach more anatomical areas with one blade

ENT surgeries often require a wide variety of cutting blades and tools. The DIEGO ELITE’s bendable blades enable such a wide reach across the surgical area that a full array of surgery options can be performed with the same blade.

A single action to remove a clog

The Olympus DIEGO ELITE Multidebrider further expedites surgeries and procedural efficiency with a range of advanced features, including a convenient bulb for easy, single-action de-clogging during the procedure.

Toggle stop feature for further efficiency

Procedural efficiency is further optimized by the toggle stop feature. One click on the foot switch quickly opens or closes the blade window, enabling the operator to focus on the task at hand.

Image-guided surgery system compatibility

The DIEGO ELITE Multidebrider incorporates a standard image-guided surgery (IGS) attachment point, enabling easy connection of an IGS-compatible system.

Multiple ways to do surgery

Coagulation combined with distal suction and automatic toggle stop enables deployment of three different tools in one (suction, coagulation and debriding). This significantly reduces procedure time versus standard shaver systems1.

Choice of ergonomic hand pieces

Two surgeon-inspired, ergonomic hand pieces enable improved choice to suit physician preferences, making the DIEGO ELITE Multidebrider the perfect choice for the whole specialist team.

Easier set up with blade ID

Easy and quick set up is ensured with the incorporation of an advanced blade ID feature. This ensures that every time a new blade is plugged in, the device will default to the recommended setting for that blade.

Single-action declogging

A declog tube set enables the removal of clogs during procedures with a single action, greatly saving time and effort.

Optional dedicated suction unit

Shaver efficiency can be further improved with the addition of an optional dedicated suction unit.

1 Sindwani, R, Kumar, N. Bipolar microdebrider may reduce intraoperative blood loss and operating time during nasal polyp surgery. Ear Nose Throat Journal. 2012 Aug.; 91(8):336–44.

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